India is a great nation in population and resources. It is virtually a union and number of states, races and traditions. It is a country of contracts and contractions. To day the Indian soil is well prepared for wowing the seed of Gospel. The average India is in ambiguity of his traditional faith which is unable to give him peace in the present life and hope on the future religious bigotry, superstitious beliefs and faith of idolatry made life course and worst. India is the most population nation in the world with about 100 crores. The population is made up of 90% Hindus, 7% Muslims and only 3% Christians. It is a land of multi languages, multi cultures, religious and over 300 millions of idol gods. 60% of the people live below the poverty line.

SORA is one of the largest hill tribe community in the north eastern hill ranges called Eastern Ghats of India especially in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa border in India. It is a land locked region completely out of from the modern world socially, economically and culturally. SORA tribes community is down trodden, illiterate, worships of evil spirits practice sorcery and with craft, animism in their religion men and women are always finding intoxicate. They have no other means of earning to maintain their family except daily labour in daily wages process. And these people especially women and child were facing many problems as and when there is no work them no food for them. In every house there are more than 8 children, by having more than 2 wifes. Generally women and men used to take the liquor, most of the tribes using the tobacco smoking. Most of them have the habit of reverse smoking they used to celebrate seeds festival in every year. They are collecting all the crops after performing this festival only, this day only they used to have rice meal. In other day they are using liquid food prepared from the seed powder. On this festival day they consume more alcohol and dance with each other.


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