A heart for the unreached  

It is indeed a privilege and honor to meet you all through this web site. I was born and brought up in Christian family. I am the younger one in my family. In view of my technical qualification which I was mostly desirable to go abroad (Gulf countries) for earning money instead of my father’s prayer and desire to become a servant of God. While I was continuing my life with trails to go Gulf countries at Visakhapatnam city, by God's providence I read a Gospel tract in 2001 and I was convicted of my sins. I realized my need for my salvation through Jesus Christ. I understood that salvation is by grace alone and not by works. I made my decision for Christ and His Gospel and then I decided to leave my trails to go Gulf. As after wards in the year 2002 I underwent Bible training at New Life Missionary Institute at Trivendrum, Kerala State.

After successful completion of my training I returned my native place Srikakulam District. As soon after landed here, I started working along with my father Bro. K.G.R. Naidu who was always praying for me to be a servant of God and founder of Holy Cross Ministries. I started preaching the Gospel of Christ where there are no Gospel sermons was not exposed. In the year 2010, my father was taken away by the Lord. This has been, as I know it is for anyone who's lost someone they love, the most painful things I've ever experienced. My Father was the most encouraging, inspiring, and positive person. My arms may not be able to reach him, but he is holding my heart. His words and prayers will live on in my heart. I was burdened by the Lord to go on a wider outreach.

I married Veronica in the year 2013; she had passion for the work of the Lord. After the marriage, the ministry grew to another level with the association of Veronica. The Lord gave us a deep urge to proclaim the truth as many as we can. I was convinced of the power of Word of God and the Lord gave me the motto of my mission: "To reach the un reached SORA tribes in Border of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa States in South India with Word of God”

Bro. Karanam C. K. Prabhu Das



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