What we do

According to our vision and calling, we are working among the unreached SORA tribes in Odisha and Andhra border tribal villages of India. Since from the beginning, we are depending on Lord Jesus help and guidance in every aspect of work that planned and being implemented by us. We are totally depending with faith on our Lord Jesus Christ.

This area is most neglected and hilly area these SORA tribal people has different traditional habits of Marriage, Festival, Births and deaths etc., Each and every program of Holy Cross Ministries is showing the love of Jesus Christ to multitudes & committed to serve the needy people (Luck 4:18,19). In order to expand its mission, the team at Holy Cross Ministries is involving in following miniseries:


To carry the Gospel into the midst of the sora tribal community, we formed a team with 10 members called LOVING SHEPHERD EVANGELICAL TEAM. We are showing the Gospel in an interesting and understandable way, that is Gospel in the form of skits team will play these Gospel skits before the sharing Gospel sermons in their villages. We specifically concentrated on these interior tribal pockets with Gospel.


However, now we are in the progress of winning much more souls for our Lord. Our team has more enthusiasm in reaching these primitive tribal groups those who never heard about the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our team is visiting 2 to 3 villages in every week and meeting these people at their door step and proclaiming the message of love and scarification of our Lord Jesus Christ to this ignored target people.


The Karunya Child Care Center cares for 14 children aged five to fifteen who were orphaned and whose families can no longer afford to support them. It is running in a small rented building and by the Bro. Prabhu Das, his wife and sister. The Home provides the children with shelter, clothing, meals and most importantly unconditional love and care. All the children in Karunya Child Care Center are attending local Govt. school for their secular studies. KCCC is providing note books and study materials to these children.


Every day the children will wake up at 5 am and will take devotion. The children will attend the school at 9 am and they returned back at 4 pm. The Govt. school is providing lunch to these children. The special class will be taken at 6 pm in every day to teach bible stories and devotional songs. The dinner will be provided at 8 pm and after the prayer they will go to bed. This is the daily schedule of children in Karunya Child Care Center.


There are many native evangelists who are serving with us in the tribal village communities, but they need Bible teaching so they are equipped to preach the Word.


Every 6 months, Holy Cross Ministries is conducting seminars for these evangelists and pastors to enable them to understand the Gospel and be better able to carry out the Great Commission. Bring them together through these seminars and teach the Word of God and leadership skills for effective & fruitful ministry.


Church planting is a vital part of missionary evangelism. Since we're primarily working in tribal villages without existing Churches, Church planting is our focal point. We believe that every unreached village has the right to a Church that proclaims the Good News of the Gospel until Jesus returns. Our vision is to see a living Church planted in every remote tribal village of Odisha and Andhra Border area.


So far the Lord enabled Holy Cross Ministries to plant 39 small Churches and appointed 39 co-workers about 3840 believers are gathering together to warship the Lord on every Sunday in 39 hill centers. This is the fruit of our cry is the wildness in evangelizing the SORA tribal communities.


An important part of Church planting effort is to assist native pastors and village Churches in building Worship facilities. Most Churches in Indian villages are made of poor people, usually laborers and farmers, who do not have the means to finance a building project on their own. Many make the decision to follow Jesus Christ and Churches are being established for the growing groups of new believers. Often they gather in homes, and in some cases, under a thatched roof. These Churches are in need of financial assistance for erecting a simple prayer hall for the purpose of Sunday worship and weekly meetings.



Holy Cross Ministries is involving in different types of welfare programs to the needy tribal people through

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