Who we are

Holy Cross Ministries is an interdenominational indigenous mission organization with a goal is to seek and save lost souls for our Lord Jesus Christ among Sora tribes in Odisha and Andhra Border area of South India. Holy Cross Ministries is registered organization with the Government of India founded by Bro. K.G.R.Naidu who is a famous Christian and Pioneer in evangelism of Kotturu Mandal of Srikakulam District costal Andhra Pradesh in South India.

Bro. K.G.R. Naidu was born in Akulatampara village in Srikakulam District of costal Andhra Pradesh in South India, where the first church in Andhra Pradesh was established in the year 1883 by Rev. Purshottam Chowdary, who is a famous Christian poet and author of many Christian books and Pioneer in evangelism in our area. In the year of 1980 a great flood was came and all the surrounding villages were washed away including church building also. After this flood there are majority of church members were migrated to other states for their livelihood, no one has available except Bro. Naidu’s family to conduct worship service. Rev. Purushottam Chowadary’s poets were reached every corner of our nation and a real fact that his dearly loved villages where he stayed for long time in his life are not reached for Christ as until this day.

Bro. Naidu has started Holy Cross Ministries and planted church again in Akulatampara Colony village and he extended His work to surrounding tribal villages. He proved a great witness to the Lord Jesus Christ. After faithful labor in the vineyard of the Master, Bro. Naidu went to be with the Lord on July 6th 2010. After the death of Bro. Naidu, Lord in His grace allowed to his younger son Bro. Prabhu das to continue His ministry in wider.

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